Wage Garnishment

IRS Wage Garnishment - personal

What is a Wage Garnishment?

IRS Wage Garnishments are specific to taxpayers who owe the IRS personally either for income tax or Trust Fund Recovery Penalty. Once the IRS determines that a balance is due and it remains unpaid, wage garnishment are another way the IRS can collect from a delinquent taxpayer. Similar to a bank levy, a wage garnishment is a seizure of your money however it is in the form of a seizure of wages. The IRS will issue the wage garnishment directly to your employer. Your employer is then required by law to withhold a certain percentage of your wages to send to the IRS. The IRS will leave only a minimal amount to cover “living expenses” which is often times painfully small. If your employer does not adhere to the wage garnishment they may find themselves in trouble with the IRS.

What can you do to remove the wage garnishment?

First, no one wants to have a wage garnishment issued to their employer. Besides the seizure of wages, it is embarrassing to have your employer know about the situation and be brought into it by the IRS. If at all possible, you want to stop the wage garnishment before it is ever issued. The IRS is required to file numerous collection notices prior to a wage garnishment. If an alternate resolution can be worked out then the wage garnishment can be avoided. If a wage garnishment has already been issued, Tabb & Associates will work directly with the IRS source that issued the garnishment to remove it as quickly as possible. The IRS will remove the garnishment if the taxpayer can show a financial hardship due to the garnishment. The IRS will remove the garnishment if an alternate resolution can be worked out. Tabb & Associates will walk you through all of the available options and put together a strategy that will remove the garnishment quickly and stop the IRS from ever re-issuing the garnishment again.


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